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HONEYHOME was founded in 2000 as a Home & Building automation company, and has grown to become one of the leading automation companies in Turkey with sales and service available in Turkey; providing hard-wired, wireless solutions for your total Home & Building automation and control.

HONEYHOME, the first company of it's kind in Turkey, having the background and qualifications to fully understand the fundamentals of a quality, expandable home automation system, added security, network integration, audio and video distribution systems, phone systems, alarm monitoring, cabling systems to its list of services in 2000.

HONEYHOME is especially one of the resources for security and life safety information,  experts for security, automation, environmental monitoring, and medical emergencies.

HONEYHOME, being a specialist company in the area of Home & Building automation is able to provide an unique service by treating a project as a system from start to end for which all the various aspects – technical, administrative, legal, and financial, decorative – are arranged for simultaneously.  HONEYHOME will therefore make the project, offer financing alternatives and provide maintenance of the system upon completion.

As a conclusion,  HONEYHOME solutions is a provider of home automation consultation, design, installation and implementation services for home (small business) automation that services include Home Networking, Security, Climate and Lighting Control, Whole-House Audio & Video, Home Theater, Whole-Home Communications Systems and Whole-Home Automation...


In 1986, COMPA had entered the electronic sector with TTL Electronic, then continued with computer sector and become interested in automation & security sector in the beginning of the year 2000. COMPA’s founders with almost 2 years of working and investigation in the automation industry, has created “ HONEYHOME” to apply this expertise to the home automation market.

HONEYHOME grew out of the need for an automation company that provided a total solution to its customers at competitive prices besides sacrificing customer service. Originally intended to do only a few houses a year, it has become one of the largest Home Automation companies in Turkey, providing a host of services. 

HONEYHOME’s goal of establishment; to meet the gap in this sector with the members in its structure who are engineers, architectures and automation engineers.

HONEYHOME affords much time & resources, researching the many systems, protocols and methods for  HONEYHOME solutions in home automation available today.

Some of our major applications include:

Home&Building Automation

Audio - Visual – Home Theater Applications


Home Networking,Intercom                                                      

Climate and Lighting Control

Cabling systems

Solar Energy

Therefore,  HONEYHOME chosen itself solution partners that are Companies such as HONEYWELL, SPEGA, TCS, SAG and PEHA which their superiority is certain. We can conclude that  HONEYHOME is the largest Home&Building automation distributor in Turkey bringing together the world's best technologies to offer the systems for sale which has been thoroughly tested and proven to ensure it will work as it should, when it should.


HONEYHOME  helps you select and specify the Home&Building automation technology solution that is right for your needs whether you are building a new home or retrofitting your current one. 

Before  HONEYHOME does anything, sits together with the architect and the customers to prepare in depth every step of the project and everything in writing to learn more about how can integrate the customers’ home, expand their options, make it simple, and save the customers’ a lot of money.


HONEYHOME’s mission is to continually exceed customers' increasing expectations by paying close attention to customers’ needs by focusing on innovation and committing to continuous improvements in quality, service, productivity and time compression.

HONEYHOME is ambitious and aggressive, determined, and energetic, thrives on challenges.  HONEYHOME team works together routinely to please its customers, surpass its record achievements, and drive itself to greater success. 

We wholeheartedly believes in our company; our goals and objectives are our mission, and we enthusiastically embrace them and relentlessly pursue them that we should go along with success and growth.


HONEYHOME’s vision is being first in the automation sector to perform comfort, security and saving functions together as a complete solution perfectly that are necessary for the homes due to customers’ evolving needs.   HONEYHOME will provide the customers’ total connectivity of home and building automation system.


The future growth potential is unlimited for  HONEYHOME.  HONEYHOME’s strategy involves a proactive approach to serving its customers, who rely on  HONEYHOME as a business partner; not only provide them with the absolute best products, technology and service, but listen to them, respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate future needs; no matter how big the project, or how small the request is.  Always be the right solution provider for your smart Home&Building.


HONEYHOME’s aim is to deliver comfort, convenience, and safety tailored to fit the customers’ individual needs and lifestyles.


Briefly, “ HONEYHOME” is candidate to become the consultant of your houses and buildings in automation sector…

HONEYHOME wishes to thank its employees, partners, customers and everyone else who has played a vital role in its success as a complete Home&Building automation.


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İçerenköy Mah. Eski Evler Sokak. No : 11

YÖN PLAZA  34752 Ataşehir / İstanbul

Tel :  0216-335 28 30 - 466 34 16-17-18

Fax :  0216-466 34 14 



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